Happy and Healthy New Year 2010 🙂 Hurray for 2010!!!! Even though 2009 was a rough year, God blessed us and has given strength to lead a successful life. We should be thankful to God for his grace.

As we all know everyone in the world had celebrated this wonderful year on their own way along with their friends and family. My first day of this year had started in my church. Lets hope this year would bring us loads of happiness, peace, strength and courage to follow your dreams and your own resolutions.

Lets achieve bigger goals and try to fulfill our commitments which were
pending in the last year.

Lets pray to god that we wanna joyful and blessed life throughout the year.


We have already come across various types of Google suggest funniest results. I have posted funniest and hilarious Google suggest result for United States President’s name in one of my blogs.  When I did search for some of the social media websites name in Google, I found an interesting Google suggest results with the home page link is one of the suggest result. Here you can find the samples and you can comment your views.



Google has recently announced that they are going to conduct Google Analytics conference 2009 in India on 08th August at Gurgaon followed by Searchmasters India 2009 it is an open event for anyone interested in learning more about how Google Analytics helps you take smarter business decisions based on your data.

The event will feature presentations from various in-house product experts, as well as from the first three Google Analytics Authorized Consultants in India. This is an amazing opportunity to interact and explore your knowledge and learning with other masters of Google Analytics.

Guest Speakers are Vivek Bhargava – Commnunicate 2, Carl D’Souza – Interactive Avenues, Ravi Pathak – Tatvic, and also the speakers from Google India are Pooja Srinivas, Rajiv Mohan, Deepak Kumar, Neha Jain, Koti Ivaturi, Amit Singh.


Google India Pvt Ltd
8th and 9th Floors
Tower C Building No.8
DLF Cyber City
Gurgaon India

Phone No:

Main Phone: +91 124 451 2000
Main Fax: +91 124 451 2100

Here is the Registration form. Anyone can register their name with free.

Twitter unveiled a new interface for following/followers pages for every Twitter users. This has been implemented already on July 1, 09. We might have been noticed this from every social media articles,  search engine news and twitter blogs. I have also updated this in my twitter status. Here is the screen shot of my update for your reference.

ruby85 (immanuelruby) on Twitter_1246771279232Today I have noticed my followers, following pages . Twitter has rolled out this update in my profile. I just want to share this with you. Hope everyone has an updated profile with new followers/following pages. Here is the screen shot.

Twitter - People who follow immanuelruby_1246772967219

The above updated followers/following page contain the corresponding follower/following member’s full names, their locations, most recent tweets, a one-click follow button, a drop-down menu of possible actions, including @replies, DMs, and blocking.

Twitter - People who follow immanuelruby_1246774384009

Share your updates here.

Search Camp 2009 is going to be held at Chennai, India on February 28th and March 1st. All are getting ready for that. Many of them got registered with their places. It will become a great deal among all webmasters.

As Search camp event is going on a path, now we have got a one more great opportunity to meet our google searchmasters ’09 in Bangaluru, India. All webmasters in India are eagerly waiting for that great day to meet them. It’s a great chance to find answers to all your webmaster queries. Some of the list of topics are Google Custom Search Engine, Google Analytics and Website Optimizer and more..


Awake Webmasters!!!

Catch them to build your custom search engine!!!

Will meet you all there in Bangaluru!!!!

Welcoming to the New Year 2009 with lots of hope, confidence, wishes, happiness, abundance of success, cheers and God’s blessings!!!

Looking forward to this New year and waiting for the God’s blessings

While looking back to the year 2008 which reminds us that lots of achievements and wounds in our mind. Bomb blast in Bangalore, Delhi, Gujarat and Mumbai terror attack, Economy crisis etc. These things would not leave from our mind.

Let’s pray to God that we wanna peaceful life in our nation and world.

May God bless you all from heaven abundantly!!!

Wish you all a CHEERFUL NEW YEAR!!!

I wish you all a merry christmas !!!!!!

When the sound of Christmas bells begins to fill the winter air,

When the spirit of season spreads its magic everywhere

Its time to send a wish meant especially to say here’s someone special has a MERRY CHRISTMAS day!!!!

X-mas Tree

X-mas Tree