Twitter unveiled a new interface for following/followers pages for every Twitter users. This has been implemented already on July 1, 09. We might have been noticed this from every social media articles,  search engine news and twitter blogs. I have also updated this in my twitter status. Here is the screen shot of my update for your reference.

ruby85 (immanuelruby) on Twitter_1246771279232Today I have noticed my followers, following pages . Twitter has rolled out this update in my profile. I just want to share this with you. Hope everyone has an updated profile with new followers/following pages. Here is the screen shot.

Twitter - People who follow immanuelruby_1246772967219

The above updated followers/following page contain the corresponding follower/following member’s full names, their locations, most recent tweets, a one-click follow button, a drop-down menu of possible actions, including @replies, DMs, and blocking.

Twitter - People who follow immanuelruby_1246774384009

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