Yesterday I was searching abnout landing page testings. When I search the query “landing page testing” , I was wondered that the search engine result page contains the following screen shot. Here I have circled that different feature in SERP.

It has two different options that PROMOTE and REMOVE. when I clicked on REMOVE, that particular site was disabled from the search engine result page. When I click on PROMOTE for a particular url, that site is one position moved into above the SERP.

PROMOTE is represented here as upward arrow.

REMOVE is represented as cross symbol.

I don’t know whether it is google’s algorithm changes? If anybody see the same changes in your SERP means you can share your thoughts over here. Comment me if anything from my side is wrong or right.



Congratulatory messages poured in like torrential rain yesterday for the United States’ President-elect, Senator Barack Obama, over his historic win in Tuesday’s election.

When I compared Barack Obama with hos other competitors in Google Trends, it shows that the most popularity is for Obama only.

Henry Marsh who is the Senator of Virginia State stating that “This is not Barack Obama’s achievement. It is the achievement of generations of people, thousands of people who believed in America and who sacrificed”

Barack Obama

Barack Obama

Hello everyone,

It’s been a long time..I could not able to update my blog due to some reasons. I have got my Google Adwords Professional certificate after a good try. I was really worked hard to get this. There are many benefits for getting certificate.

The Benefits of The Google Certification:

The Google Certification is a great place to start learning about the best practices of PPC. In fact, the Google Adwords Learning Center is my recommendation for anyone who is interested doing Paid Search for the first time. Many of the questions in the Quizzes provide not only a great outline to the best practices and procedures of PPC they can also be applied to other engines such as Yahoo and MSN.

What it really means to you or your Company?
Being Adwords Certified means that you and/or your company has a good understanding of how the Adwords system works. It’s good for the resume, as well as another level of accreditation.

Immanuel Ebenezer Ruby

Immanuel Ebenezer Ruby

As per the recent survey, children have lost touch with the natural world, so much so that many have trouble identifying even common animals such as frogs. This is so sad, people!

If you think your children are unfamiliar with the great outdoors and its fascinating creatures, then it’s high time to gather the family together, pack a lunch and then camp out in front of the big TV set in the living room.

There the wonders of nature will unfold, including such extraordinary animals as the talking gecko, an amazing lizard that actually sells car insurance. A groundbreaking series of commercials have captured the talking gecko in its natural environment, talking to potential customers. You have to see it to believe it.

Unfortunately, in the case of the aforementioned frogs, they are no longer pitchmen for Budweiser, but you can still share stories with your children about the three frogs, conveniently named “Bud,” “Weis” and “Er,” and how they helped keep people entertained during boring Super Bowl games.

These and other true facts about the natural world will teach children that animals don’t have to be dull, that many of them, especially the talented ones that appear in commercials, are surprisingly wacky.

Elsewhere in science news, we have a report that that the Phoenix Mars landing has confirmed the presence of water on Mars, meaning that NASA’s long-cherished dream of bottling Martian water for sale on Earth may actually come true.

(Unbeknownst to NASA, I have already registered a trademark for the name “Martian Springs,” though I am willing to negotiate. For more information, please check In addition to being unusual, Martian Springs water will have many health benefits, though I haven’t decided yet what they will be.)

The discovery also holds the promise of something of far more profound interest to NASA scientists and indeed to all human beings, namely, the establishment of a water theme park on Mars, which the agency desperately needs to rekindle interest in the space program.

On the negative side of the Mars mission, the Phoenix found evidence that Mars soil contains perchlorate, which apparently is hostile to any plant life. In the interest of science, I plan to donate to NASA some of my crabgrass, which I am confident can grow anywhere.

And finally, we have news from Dr. Edgar Mitchell, a real-life astronaut who flew on the Apollo 14 mission, that aliens do exist.
Mitchell, 77, said his contacts within NASA told him the aliens were “little people who looked strange to us.”

In other words, they might look like some of those boy bands from the ’90s. Or — though Mitchell did not actually say this — perhaps some of those boy bands were aliens, which might explain some of their peculiar dances and the strange sounds coming out of their mouths.
Mitchell also noted that the aliens had superior technology — don’t they always? — and that if they had been hostile, “we would have been gone by now.”

Maybe, but I’d like to think diplomacy would have succeeded, especially if we were represented by the talking geckos.

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